• Squad CompositionJanuary 2015     DocNupe7Klub

    When running as a single squad aim for:

    4) Medics 3) Engineers 4) Combat Class 1) Infiltrator

    Combat Class players will normally be Heavy Assault, but may switch to Light Assault / MAX should the situation require.


     If a full squad is not available the following rules apply:

    • At least 3 medics fighting with the infantry at all times, but preferably 4 or 5 – Medics are the lifeblood of the squad and directly impact our survivability and success in operations. In very small squads (6 or less) then 2 medics will suffice

    • Minimum 1 Engineer, Maximum 2 Engineers. Primarily for ammo, though also for mines and turrets

    • Only one Infiltrator please. Despite only requiring one Intil’ this is a very important role required primarily for recon and intelligence gathering  and should be in the squad loadout whenever possible.

    Minimum 2 combat class. Although they get the short end of the stick in terms of priority Combat classes are very important for adding lethality to the squad aswell as providing an anti-MAX / vehicle option. So while they are not vital for the squads survival, they are vital for the squad to be combat effective.

  • Communications DisciplineJanuarty 2015   DocNupe7Klub

    When operating within a RITE squad there are three communication states: Open, Combat and Closed Comms.


    Open Comms:

    • Talk about what you want (within reason)
    • Used when at the warpgate or when travelling through safe territory and ends as soon as a contact is reported or we drop at destination

    Combat Comms

    • Limit communication to vital talk only such as enemy reports, calls for a medic / ammo etc
    • Active during any combat or environment where enemy contacts are likely
    • Text chat may still be used  for non vital comms

    Closed Comms

    • Can be called by the Squad Leader or Outfit Officer at any time by asking for “Closed Comms” or “Clear Comms”
    • It means Shut Up right now, no exceptions
    • It is only used when receiving important information from a Command Channel and will normally only be in effect for a very short time
    • Will be ended verbally by whoever asked for closed comms
    • Text chat may still be used for other communication.

    Spot ting Contacts.

    Please keep your contact reports brief and only include vital information. Information which is useful in a contact report can include:

    • Direction
    • Numbers
    • Composition (infantry, MAXes, air (and what type), armour etc)
    • Outfit tag (only if in sufficient numbers to warrant a report)