• Who Are We?

    The Righteous Killaz are aligned with the New Comglomerate (NC) faction in the battle of Auraxis. The NC is a loosly connected group of idealistic freedom fighters. We feel that any form of control is oppression and we will not yield to totalitarion rule. A miserable free man is better than a contented slave. Since the beginning of hostilities, our unpredictable tactics and ruthlessness has allowed us to gain significant ground against our enemies. Our philosophy of warfare stresses brute force with erratic consistency, in an effort to achieve victory by any means necessary.

  • What We Offer


    A Forum to interact with fellow outfit members, where you can ask questions, share pictures, stories and things of the like.

     A Teamspeak 3 server that can be utilized for alternative communications or just hanging out.

     A Promotional System that is not based on tenure but skill.

  • Be Part of Our Community

    What will your part be? Do you have what it takes to follow the Righteous Creed and claim glory and respect for yourself amongst brothers at war? Do you have the willingness and guile to execute operational objectives without delay? If this is you, then you will fit in perfectly and meet other people in the brotherhood who share the same common core values with you.

  • Training Manual

    We have composed a training guide to running with a Righteous Killaz platoon covering basic loadouts and squad composition, as well as, a few our our more common deployments tactics, combat communications rules, leadership certifications and offensive/defensive maneuvers just to name a few.